• Cloudbank

    Oil on linen48 x 60 inches2015

  • Checkered Blue Sky

    Monotypes, thread, drawing, pastel and encaustic on paper mounted to panels.74.25 x 93 inches (diptych)2013

  • Days of Summer

    Acrylic on foam surfboard with epoxy and fiberglas90 x 22 x 2 inches2010

  • Caribbean House

    Oil on linen over panel 84 x 78 inches (triptych)2006

  • Floating Green Square

    Oil on linen66 x 40 inches2004

  • Pristine Waters

    Woodcut on paperEdition of 5030 x 10.5 inches2000

  • Ridegline I, II & III

    Mixed media on paper36 x 107.25 inches (each panel)2005

  • Santosha

    Oil on linen over panel36 x 30 inches2008

  • St. Martin View

    Oil on linen over panel32 x 22 inches2006

  • The Little's Pond

    Woodcut on paperEditon of 730 x 10.5 inches2002